Shipping high value belongings can lead to unnecessary stress. Will your package get lost in shipment? Will you package take forever to arrive to the destination? You can avoid all of that stress if you book a delivery service with an experienced distributor, such as CruiseOps. CruiseOps in the industry leader in cruise ship brokerage and logistics. We have over 10 years of experience helping cruise ships with the logistics of selling jewelry at sea. In addition we offer shipping services for your expensive goods. Hiring a shipping company imposes no stress on you. Keep reading for some helpful tips for your next shipping venture.


  • If you have more than one high value item to ship, consider sending them in separate shipments. This way, if your package gets lost in the shipping process, all of your items will not be lost.
  • Arrange a delivery day for your package in advance with the recipient. If you and your recipient plan the delivery date then you will not have to deal with possibly rearranging and rebooking the delivery.
  • Take precise photos of your packages before you ship them. Be sure to take pictures of the entire box and the inside packaging to ensure your items aren’t damaged. Additionally, ask the recipient to do the same when they have received the goods.
  • Use a full collection and delivery service instead of a drop-off service. This way you are able to ensure that your goods are being taken care of appropriately and will not be damaged in transit.
  • Schedule your delivery date accordingly; you want to avoid your package sitting in a parcel depot over the weekend or over holidays. It is best to schedule your shipment to arrive during the workweek.
  • Make sure that during both collection and delivery of the goods all of the appropriate documentation is signed. This proves that the shipment has been picked up and delivered under supervision proper supervision

If you need any advice or assistance with shipping jewelry, don’t look any further and contact CruiseOps. Reach out to us on Facebook or through our website and one of our coordinators will assist you.