Shipping fine art can be a headache. Most of us have experienced at least once when a package arrived in atrocious conditions. This might discourage you from shipping your beloved artwork, and the idea to store, sell or donate can be much more attractive. However, with careful planning and experienced professionals on your side, shipping your art doesn’t need to cause you any stress. Follow these tips below to ensure that your shipment will arrive in excellent condition.


Shipping is both a science and an art that requires experience, technique and the right tools, especially, when it comes to such delicate objects such as artwork. Thus it has to be handled with respect and almost reverentially. The packaging needs to look like it is worthy of the artwork within. Therefore it is wise to use a specialist art shipping agent, such as CruiseOps, that is equipped to handle and package your valuables professionally, e.g. climate controlled storage units, special tools and vehicles for transport. Close collaboration with art handlers are often used by museums and galleries to oversee global collection transportation, and can teach the best way to package your valuable belongings to reduce any risk of damages.


Packing Materials

The experienced relocation partner has the right tools to pack your art professionally, which simplifies your shipping and saves a lot of time. Some packing materials, such as linen and soft cotton, are totally safe to come into contact with artwork, while others should be kept well away, for example some plastic materials that can be affected by temperature or humidity during the transport. Experienced movers know which materials to use in order to not damage your artwork.


If fine art makes up part of your larger domestic shipment, ensure that your moving agent includes an additional fine art insurance. Before the packing crew starts their work, list all the details of your artwork, and take pictures of all scratches, blemishes and damages if any. Repeat the same process upon delivery. Assure that the crew labels every piece clearly and carefully to avoid any confusion.



  Bon voyage from the CruiseOps team!